Mehmet Emin Horoz Educational Foundation (HOREV) was founded in 1997 with the mission of helping talented children who cannot afford education, supporting them to become well-educated and useful citizens for the society and the country.

The purpose of HOREV is to give both returnable or gratuitous scholarships to assist Turkish children, who are strict to principles and reforms of ATATURK, literate, rationalist, prudential, self-confident but lacking financial opportunities, in achieving their education and training in accordance with general purposes and fundamental principles of Turkish National Education and to build dormitories students may benefit from and to perform all kinds of activities to improve manners and knowledge of students or to support already performed activities and to establish universities for the purpose of raising high-quality labour for a certain occupation that economy needs and to give gratuitous scholarships to those who are willing to achieve either national or international master degrees.

HOREV has given scholarships to more than 700 children since its very establishment and keeps on giving.

Mehmet Emin Horoz opened Anadolu Logistics High School with an average cost of 2,250,000 TL and donated to Turkish National Education in 2005. We are proud to see that our school held its first graduations in the school year of 2008-2009.

As HOREV, Mehmet Emin Horoz Foundation, we feel excited to have our third big school project in Gaziantep. The new school which was planned to be opened in 2012-2013 school year is under construction on a 9.200 sqm land in Gaziantep. The school will have 26 classes and multi purpose halls. Project will cost around 5 million TL and opening ceremony will be organized in June 2012. The school which will give education under the name of Mehmet Nurettin Horoz Technical and Industrial Vocational High School will be an educational institution that will educate intermediate staff which is very important for the future of the logistics sector in Turkey.  

HOREV EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION determined new targets to assist in boosting quality and efficiency in production and service sector and to contribute to Turkish youth being educated at international education standards and out all the stops to achieve such goals.

Our volunteered friends may help our foundation grow with their donations to HOREV EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION and contribute to raising responsible, capable, entrepreneur and productive Turkish youth, who are successful but lack financial possibilities.