"Working at Horoz means being an esteemed member of the Horoz family."

Human Resources policy at Horoz Holding and its Group Companies intends to enable a healthy, safe, respectful working environment for its employers in accordance with the labor law and regulations, and to promote development of its employees so that the company thrives along with its people.


Selection and Placement Process 

We procure support services by means of career portals, printed press ads and internal announcements, approved consulting firms and Turkish Labor Agency (ISKUR) in order to reach candidates who might adopt our corporate culture and create added value. Anyone is free to apply for these positions.

We intend to hire candidates with the knowledge, skills, qualifications and competences required for the respective vacant jobs and positions determined according to the annual budgeting activities conducted early in the year.

We never tolerate any discriminatory acts based on nationality, religion, race, gender, physical disabilities, etc. in the recruitment process and across the organization.

HR recruitment team or the concerned regional managers in the regions conduct the initial interview with suitable applicants. Personality inventory, language proficiency tests and competence-based interviews are conducted depending on the defined qualifications and competences for the position. Suitable applicants shall be directed to respective line managers for subsequent interviews.

Human Resources submits a job offer to the applicants who have been approved as a result of all selection and placement processes.



Performance Management System

Performance Management System aims at sustainable development of corporate and employee performance. Our corporate target- and performance-based PMS application assesses business targets against actual performance based on numerical data.

Targets are cascaded in line with corporate objectives with a top-down approach. Our employees view their immediate line manager's targets and enter into the system the SMART targets they recommend for themselves; and the actual values are monitored throughout the year upon agreement between the manager and the employee. Behaviors corresponding to the competencies defined for each role group are evaluated within the period.

S = specific

M = measurable

A= attainable

R = relevant

T = time-bound


Training and Development 

Annual training plans are implemented according to the training needs analyses conducted through operational management as part of annual budget planning at the beginning of every calendar year.  


Work Assessment and Compensation Management

All positions are assessed through STARATA Business Assessment method according to their dimensions and factors, and each position is assigned to a band depending on the results of this assessment. 12 net salaries are paid in a year.

Social benefits:

A small gift is presented to newly-wed employees.

Ramadan gift basket is distributed to all employees every year at Ramadan.

Special group events are organized for all employees in order to promote communication across the organization and increase their motivation. These events vary including special day events, barbecue parties, internal tournaments, etc.