The significance of efficiency as well as rapid and precise decision making has been better appreciated in the today’s business environment, where customer expectations on cost and performance have been higher than ever.

Many corporations have analyzed their integration capabilities among their supply and demand chains to address these issues, only to realize that “concept of integration” itself has changed a dimension. Indeed, our understanding of “integrated logistics” represents a lot more complicated requirement than simply running consequent logistics tasks in series, such as inbound transportation, customs or storage. Logistics service providers are now expected to provide extreme services such as; seamless flow of decision making data amongst organizations, optimization of supply chain items without impairing others, integration of business systems in addition to logistics operations or implementing strict lean management principles via integration.

Horoz Logistics has seriously considered lean requirements, technological developments and leading schools of thought to develop a modern perspective for logistics integration. Our recipe is to simply utilize the know-how and experience of both our suppliers and customers to create solid bonds between processes. Functionality (lean and compatible), efficiency (automated and value added) and sustainability (low risk and maintenance cost) have emerged as the three cornerstones in our solutions.

We have also defined a new scope for our portfolio of integrated solutions available. Conventional offerings such as consolidation of activities, single point of control and reduction in customer’s administration workload have been supported and enhanced with new and high value-added services.

As a result, Horoz customers enjoyed exclusive benefits including collaboration in process design, complete development of customer’s business systems on demand, high visibility and leaner logistics flows.

Horoz Logistics have managed to provide major benefits to customers with wide geographical range and diverse logistics tasks, or customers that are willing to outsource a significant portion of their logistics activity. Besides, we have demonstrated a notable model for smaller organizations that wish to concentrate on their core business just by gathering all logistics activities at single service point. We aim to maintain our thought leadership with new technologies and fresh concepts, and to improve our know-how again by sharing with our customers.