Horoz vision requires us to utilize and implement best-of-breed solutions in all business areas we provide services.
Therewithal, in some cases, we prefer to build our own applications especially when we are not fully satisfied with the existing 3rd party applications.
We aspire to design corporate-wide and integrated information systems, just to maximize added value to our customers.IT/S and peripheral services have recently become quintessential to customer service, and proved their value as a differentiator for HOROZ LOGISTICS.
HONEST is an example for this demanding nature, where years of corporate experience and skills have been crafted to develop our software platform. Mobile, web and desktop based platforms has been developed using Microsoft .NET, C# and Oracle database infrastructure. HONEST is the operational backbone for all foreign and domestic transport activities that provide real time track-trace and reporting capabilities. Horoz customers can exchange data, create links to their business processes or monitor transactions through HONEST using various interfaces and methods.
Our experience in running and integrating 3rd party applications have also helped us develop B2B integration services with our customers. In addition to mainstream business software, we make extensive use of GPRS and mobile technologies, RF/barcode solutions, advanced network management and security tools.Horoz IT team monitors technological advancements and regularly improves corporate IT infrastructure.
Our mission is to guarantee minimum risk and effective business continuity by exercising sophisticated IT governance principles. We are fully aware of what has been done is not enough and should be constantly improved.