SDV Horoz now serves as Horoz Bolloré Logistics. SDV, which operates under Bolloré Group, proceeds on its way as Horoz Bolloré Logistics following the decision on gathering all affiliated companies with the same name, under a single roof. The name has changed; but the responsibilities have not changed, even seem to have increased.


SDV Horoz, which was established to serve in Sea-Air Freight Forwarding, Domestic Container Shipping and Project Cargo Transportation in 2000, proceeds on its way as Horoz Bolloré Logistics now. This great and strong "network" created by SDV International Logistics in 102 countries with 600 offices and 35.800 employees now serves under the brand of Horoz Bolloré Logistics. Adopting the motto "Now renamed as Horoz Bolloré Logistics, SDV Horoz is set to go even further", the company continues to provide solutions as the closest integrated logistics service provider of business partners, as always. Hakan Yaman, Horoz Bolloré Logistics Senior Sales Director in charge of Airline-Sea Operations and Sales, expressed his opinions on the name change as follows "Our partner SDV was operating as one of the affiliated companies of Bolloré Group. When Bolloré management decided to gather all affiliated companies of the group under a single roof, it changed its name as Bolloré Logistics. And we changed our title in Turkey as Horoz Bolloré Logistics."




Horoz Bolloré Logistics held its first board meeting in March, 2016. Horoz Group's French business partners in Horoz Bolloré Logistics also attended the meeting during which new markets and strategies were discussed. Emphasizing that Bolloré Africa Logistics has been the most recognized logistic service provider and an important brand in Africa for years, Yaman continued: "As we are globally recognized as SDV, it seems that it will take some time for our customers and suppliers to get used to our new name in other continents. However, we don't consider it a disadvantage. I believe that consolidation of all group companies under a single roof will create a synergy, which will give us a considerable competitive advantage. I hope Bolloré Logistics thus will be able to achieve its goal of becoming one of the top five forwarders of the world by 2025 much more easily." Today, Bolloré not only maintains its ongoing leading position in Africa but also continues to expand its operations in Europe, America, Middle East, Southern Asia and Asia Pacific, and to offer services across a wider geography.


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