Horoz Logistics takes another step to reinforce business partnership with BSH

Having made a name for itself with the innovations it has introduced to the industry regarding its direct distribution services to the residence addresses of individual customers, Horoz Logistics now announces a new business partnership with BSH in this field.

Horos Logistics has already been transporting products to BSH dealers in certain regions of Turkey since 2000, and now it has assumed the responsibility for delivery of the shipments to the residence addresses of individual BSH customers in Istanbul since early 2015. Thus, Horoz Logistics has increased the volume of its business with BSH.


BSH, a giant German-based company, is one of the largest white goods manufacturers of the world which offers high quality products to end users with a network of 80 companies operating within the organization of the Group and a total of 43 factories around the world. The Group has made a name for itself with strong brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Profilo and in Turkey it dispatches its products from its facilities in Cerkezkoy, Tekirdag to certain points across the country through the distribution channels of Horoz Logistics

When BSH leaned towards this project and decided to distribute its home deliveries through Horoz Logistics, Horoz Logistics has made an investment in a facility that will serve exclusively for this deal with 100 logistics personnel in an area of 25 thousand squaremeters in Hadimkoy.

This investment, intended to ensure distribution of products to nearly 900 different addresses across Istanbul daily in a proper and planned manner, attracted the attention of other organizations in the industry as it indicated how to address the logistic needs of the white goods industry from different aspects to create innovative results.


Horoz Logistics has become the preferred brand for its successful operations in distribution processes of the products in white goods industry both dispatched from the manufacturing facilities in Turkey and imported to our country to dealer, warehouse, store and chain store distribution channels; and the company provides an important source of solution to the logistic expectations of both the consignor company and the buying customers thanks to this new project.



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