HOROZ LOGISTICS invests in technology, know-how and infrastructure in order to develop the concept of warehousing far beyond storage and handling.

• Bonded warehousing services

• Regular warehousing services

• Cross dock, Project and temporary warehousing operations

• Warehousing capabilities in 15 cities across Turkey

• Integration to all domestic and international freight operations

• Expert warehouse management software (WMS), barcode and RF technology

• Inventory management services

• Special handling, pick-pack, assembling and other value added services (VAS)

• Process analysis and advanced optimisation techniques

This group of activities cover raw material and spare purchases for our customers, with a view to free them from unnecessary time consuming workloads.

All documents legally required to be drawn up in time of product dispatches from the warehouses are simply issued for and under the letterheads of our customers on obtaining authorization. Thanks to this, great savings can be obtained on behalf of the customer at warehouses arranged by outsourcing by deeply cutting the need for staff to be employed for paperwork.

Promotional Material Linking Services
This special group of services are rendered for customers during their campaign or special offering periods and involves groupage of products at warehouses and then linking master products with those sent for promotional purposes wrapped properly inside the warehouse, followed by generation of new Stock Cards to form new SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) to ensure traceability.

Partial Production

This covers Private Labeling and package production, product promotion specific special container production, accessories and additional part assembling procedures for end users and etc. considered as partial production services rendered throughout the product finalization process.

Labeling- User Guide Insertions

The company supplies labeling and/or user guide insertion activities according to the special needs of the customers or pursuant to the statutory arrangements in force within the country of the end user for both import and export products and their delivery to forwarding means.

Protective Additional Packaging 

Protective additional packaging is provided so as to meet all packing requirements with respect to products that can directly be dispatched from the warehouses in various forwarding modes.

Staffing and Management
This covers the search, supply and recruitment of qualified and/or unqualified labor based on the specific needs of each project, for use on probational project assignments of our customers with organizations made for the running of relevant works given the time shortages. 

Logistics Center

Location Area (m2) Hight (m)  
HLM  (Şekerpınar) 39.500 12,5
Şekerpınar (Şekerpınar) 11.500 15
Anibal (Eskihisar) 7.500 16
ALM (Hadımköy) 17.000 16
Kemalpaşa (İzmir) 2.000 14
Ankara 5.500 12
Anadolu (Kıraç) 23.100 12
TOTAL 106.100  


Dedicated Warehouses

Location Areas(m2)
Adana Ceyhan 11.150
Ankara 10.000
Antalya 5.050
İzmir Torbalı 16.200
Konya 10.200
Samsun 5.100
Şanlıurfa 10.350
Tekirdağ 19.200
TOTAL 87.250