Customs clearing, insurance and related consulting work are very important constituents of the logistics service process. Therefore HOROZ LOGISTICS, through its partner, also provides these services as part of a comprehensive, integrated service offering.

Customs clearing services:

• Notifying customers of legal obligations

• Consultancy under laws and regulations related to customs legislation,

• Quick finalization of import and export transactions, hence providing cost advantages

• Professional submission of import,  export and transit in free zones

• Conclusion of transactions related to inward/outward processing, provisional admission, provisional exit, company establishment for foreign investors in Turkey, import licenses, control documents, import and exports with incentive certification

• Helping companies obtain supervised importer and simplified procedure licenses

• Foreign trade and customs feasibility studies

• Business relations based on mutual trust

Horoz cooperates with all insurance companies operating in Turkey through our solution partner DH Sigorta Aracilik Hizmetleri A.S. and provides services in Elementary Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Private Pension and Loan Insurances.