Oil & Gas

Horoz Bolloré Logistics Project Cargo division is offering special solutions to Oil & Gas Industry.

• Exploration & Production Companies

• Refinery / Petrochemical and Chemical (Naphta Cracker, Polyethylene Units, etc…)

• Seismic companies

• Drilling companies

• EPC’s (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

• Offshore Subsea Contractors

Horoz Bolloré Logistics  Projects offers specific and customised solutions to Oil&Gas Industry. Oil&Gas Division consists of experienced and well trained team members who are 7/24 ready to provide a wide range of logistic services to its Oil&Gas customers. including but not limited to Shorebase Management Solutions, Offshore Platform Solutions, Drilling Equipment Repositioning Solutions, Repair Shipment Solutions (round-trip), etc..

Range of Services:


- All transport solutions as required by the scope of shipment (Land / Air / Sea )

- Vessel and Aircraft chartering

- Preliminary Route Survey Studies as conducted at RFQ-pricing stage (pre-check of possible by-pass applications, bridge strengthening needs, civil works en-route, etc..)

- Load/Discharge/Installation/Rental Solutions with mobile cranes, hydraulic jacks, etc... (including but not limited to vessel operations, barge handling, site installation/offloading onto foundation, etc..)

- Engineering, route survey, road permissions, by-pass applications, bridge reinforcement, contracting works before loading



- Vessel / Barge Loading / Handling / Offloading / Lashing Services
- Port agency, Handling and Storage services
- Surveying services
- Bunkering
- Personnel transport
- Health, Safety and Enviromental Management
- Waste Management

- General Site Management
- Warehousing and Storage Solutions
- Warehousing lay down, inventory management and dispatch
- Prefabricated or containerized office set up on site
- Local transport
- Health, Safety and Enviromental Management
- Rental of equipments / cars / containers
- Manpower Supply
- Crew change support
- Waste management
- Full Security Services