Our Group Companies operating in logistics area, Horoz Lojistik ve Kargo Hizmetleri A.S. (Horoz Logistics) and Horoz Bolloré Logistics Tasimacilik A.S. (Horoz Bolloré Logistics) have (ISO 9001:2008) Management Systems and certificates.

 We adopt "customer-focus, leadership, employee participation, process approach, system approach, sustainable improvement and data-based decision-making" as our basic principles in our all services. Our quality management system policy is designed based on these principles.

 "Customer-focused" approach is one of the most important corporate values adopted by all employees in all our operations. By adopting a customer-focused approach, we aim to determine changing demands of the customers and satisfy such demands in the best way, exceed customer expectations and create value for the customer to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

·     Our purpose is to support "leaders" who constantly enhance business processes and create value within the organization, and to raise new leaders.

·      Our principle is to ensure that employees at every level adopt a process approach within the Group and contribute in consistent development of the processes and service quality. It is our corporate culture to be aware of and adopt our corporate objectives and take these corporate objectives as our own individual targets.

·     The entire integrated service processes we provide to our customers are managed as a whole and with a "process approach". Every process is monitored in line with the axes of efficiency, profitability, velocity and effectiveness.

·      We consider our suppliers as our stakeholders with whom we cooperate in order to create mutual benefit and value in the services provided to our customers. We appreciate their strategic importance in conduct and development of our services successfully. With this in mind, we aim to establish long-term collaborations creating added value mutually.

·      We intend to improve our processes constantly so that we can meet our targets, the requirements of changing conditions and the customer expectations.

·      Definition and management of inter-related processes as a system and achievement of targets contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of our group operations.

         ·      Decision-making processes in our all operations are based on data analyses and information sources.



Our Group Companies recognize that every piece of information they have is important and critical assets constituting our corporate memory and therefore they must be protected carefully. Our company attaches a great importance to the security of information assets, and integrated ISO 27001 Information Security Management System into its ISO 9001 quality management system standard.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System facilitates protection of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our information assets and reinforces our customer assurance.

Giving primary importance to information security, our group has adopted the following basic principles:

·      To provide services in logistics industry in accordance with the statutory and regulatory requirements and by taking into account the security obligations in respect of customer agreements in order to ensure constant development and improvement,

·      To implement a sustainable information security system based on risk assessment and risk management,

·      To ensure integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of information assets and sustainable development of the system.

·      To work with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders in accordance with Information Security liabilities.

"Horoz Code of Ethics" has been determined as part of our Information Security Management system and all employees are aware of their responsibilities regarding ethical behavior. This approach promotes sustainability and development of the system.



Health, Environment and Safety constitute our primary values and are regarded as underlying values in all our processes.  

·         We plan our occupational health and safety operations with an approach of constant improvement, and carry out these operations in accordance with OHSAS 18001 standard.  

·         We care about our footprint on the environment and "volunteer for a sustainable environment" by taking ISO 14001 Standard as our reference.

·         We share responsibilities and ethical rules regarding Health, Environment and Safety with employees at every level. 

 All employees are aware of their HES-related responsibilities.

·         We follow HES regulations and safety rules in integration of technological developments and new methods into our business processes.

·         We give priority to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for our people. To that end, we collaborate and create synergy with our suppliers and other stakeholders.

·         We constantly monitor our HES performance and reinforce the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes with improvements in health, environment and safety areas.



We intend to keep environmental factors under control by constantly investing in equipment, people and information systems. We are committed to maintain environment-friendly practices for a Livable World. We care about our footprint on the environment and "volunteer for a sustainable environment" by taking ISO 14001 Standard as our reference.

Accordingly, we aim to;

·       prevent pollution from its source, wherever possible

·       resort to recycling and recovery facilities where pollution occurs

·       act in compliance with the applicable environmental regulations

 ·       share environmental protection practices with all employees, customers, suppliers and social stakeholders.