Intermodal Transportation

For regular full-load and part-load services, Horoz Lojistik's Intermodal Service is becoming the popular alternative to road transport. Since fuel is less of a determining factor in the cost price, the price range for intermodal transportation is more stable. This means intermodal transportation isn’t just an environmental alternative, but also an economical one, to pure road haulage.

Horoz Intermodal concentrates high payloads into various compatible loading units, planning the most efficient route for your shipment, taking environmental and financial concerns into account. The shipment is loaded onto one single loading unit, where it remains throughout its journey. This unit can be a container, a swap body or semi-trailer. The loading unit itself is compatible with all road, rail and ocean transport, ensuring the safe, secure transport of your goods throughout their journey.

Environmental Benefits, Green Supply Chain

Intermodal shipping is environmentally friendly as it reduces gas emissions by using up to four times less diesel fuel  than over the road

 • Safe and reliable – High levels of security

 •  Ecological transport with low CO2 emission and high energy conservation

 •  Reasonable transportation costs

 •  Loading potential up to 30 Tons with 45’ Hcpw (89 m3 – 33 euro Pallet) equipment  

 •  Minimum damage and Low accident risk

 • Minimum exposure to seasonal conditions

Departure Terminal Arrival Terminal Transit Time
Çerkezköy Slovakia 4 days
  Hungary 6 days
  Austria 6 days
  Slovenia 6 days
  Germany 7 days
  Netherland 8 days
  Belgium 8 days