Dry Cargo Chartering

Horoz Bolloré Logistics is offering special and customized solutions in Dry Cargo Chartering to the companies from various sectors for their logistics requirements.

Commodities handled (bagged/palletized/bulk) :

- Steel products

- Scrap

- Fertilizers

- Minerals

- Grain

- Cement, etc..

Range of Services:

- Part/sole cargo fixture negotiations

- Making feasibility calculations pertaining to seaborne trade worldwide

- Consultancy services such as projects assessment, project-specific guidance (market conditions, etc..), negotiation strategy recommendations, etc..

- Soliciting offers from shipowners

- Suggesting alternatives such as Time-Charter, Voyage-Charter and C.O.A.

- Acting as part of principal’s purchasing team

- Drafting the Charter Party

- Providing post-fixture follow up services