Domestic Distribution Services


HOROZ LOGISTICS offers years of expertise in commercial goods distribution with its widespread and effective distribution organization. The model provides substantial benefits for customers working with sales networks, and corporations distributing goods to wide geographies in Turkey.


• More than 450 vehicles in distribution fleet

• 29 logistics centers

• 3.000.000 m3 of annual distribution volume

• Delivery to more than 25.000 designated points in 81 cities and 923 towns in Turkey

• Joint dealer inventory and home delivery systems

• Route optimisation

• Regional/local warehousing management

• Delivery management

• Order tracking and management

• Information systems management and integrations

• One-stop solutions from source to final customer by integrating exports, customs clearance, warehousing and local distribution

• Vehicle track-trace systems

• Customer relations management

• Performance reporting and management

• Customer satisfaction surveys


Scope of Domestic Distribution Services offered to:

• White goods

• Kitchenware

• Home-Office automation tools and equipment

• Information technology

• Telecommunication

• Heating and cooling systems

• Textile- ready to wear garments

• Automotive

• Modular furniture

• Retail, home development and hardware

• Glassware


• E-commerce

• Package and plastics

• Small house appliances

Distribution Mode Design 
Various custom distribution designs can be made for customers demanding the auditing of their own distribution systems with a different viewpoint to logistics. Within the context of relevant project efforts, comparisons are made with the existing system and overall costs are assessed for the term in concern and assessments as for competitive advantages are made, all then compiled in a comparative Strengths vs Weaknesses analyses report covering both the tested and reference systems. 

Commodity Deliveries to JIT Production 
These cover instant product deliveries in required number of containers for customers supplying products as input to their commercial customers running JIT (Just in Time) production cycles.

Milk-Run Picking and Distribution Organization 
Especially supplied for customers requiring means for picking and distribution of products presenting high cash value, this service category involves single to multiple point deliveries along a predefined route traceable by the GPS (Global Positioning System).